Best Guitar for Beginners In India Top 18 Items To Buy 2022

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

”What is the Best guitar for beginners in India” is the question of the millions of music lovers in India. Especially if you have a limited budget then you are in the right place. In this post, we will only discuss the items which are under 50000 Rupees.

The guitar is the most common musical instrument owned by everyone, this Spanish musical instrument is also one of the instruments that must be present in every musical performance or event.

Not only used by professional musicians, but some of the best acoustic guitars for beginners brands in India are also highly recommended, you know.

Now to be a reliable guitar player, you have to use the best type of acoustic guitar in your class. So far, several acoustic guitar brands already have their flagship product. Price? Best acoustic guitars under 50000.

However, before buying the best acoustic guitar, you should first consider and understand the type of acoustic guitar that is right for you, especially for beginners.

The reason is, broadly speaking, the acoustic guitar itself is divided into four types, namely steel string, standard, acoustic-electric, and silent guitar.

Choosing and buying the best quality acoustic guitar does sometimes have to spend a very hefty price. However, that does not mean that there are no best acoustic guitars for beginners that have the best quality at a friendly price.

The key lies in your playing needs, after that adjust it to the budget you have so that later you will have an idea of the best acoustic guitar like what we will choose and buy later.


Although both types of acoustic, most people prefer the acoustic guitar to learn the advanced stage. For those who want to learn guitar, we recommend you to use an acoustic guitar. There are many kinds of best acoustic guitars for beginners that need to be adapted to your needs, please read this article first to the end.

You can gradually learn better with an acoustic guitar price as well. Choose a good acoustic guitar and the most appropriate for you. In India, you will find quite a large selection of well-known acoustic guitar brands with various products such as guitars from Yamaha, Ibanez, Fender, Cort, Gibson, APX, etc. So that your guitar practice or playing activity doesn’t disappoint, you need to use the right product.

For beginners, choosing the right and best acoustic guitar must be met.

Therefore, we will help you get to know the best acoustic guitars for beginners in India the market.


Review of 18 Best Guitars for Beginners in India:


The best acoustic guitar at an affordable price

If your budget is indeed limited, then often look for information regarding the prices of various types and the best acoustic brands of acoustic guitars in India under 50,000. That way you will know the best acoustic guitar that is suitable and of good quality, and which fits the money you have.

Well, here are some recommendations for the best acoustic guitars for beginners that have the best guitar price not greater than 50000, but have good quality. Maybe these best acoustic guitars can be your consideration to determine which best acoustic guitar will be your choice.

After understanding the various acoustic guitars on the market, you must already know what kind of guitar to buy, right? Here, we present the best acoustic guitar brands that you can choose and play with your favorite chords. Especially for those of you who are beginners and want to get the best guitar under 50,000, the following guitar choices are sure to make you like one of them!

1. Greg Bennett Jumbo Acoustic Guitar

This Greg Bennett acoustic guitar has a solid body that uses spruce wood. This best acoustic guitar design adopts international standards because the Greg Bennett brand itself is from the United States.

Armed with an electric panel, this electric acoustic guitar can be connected to an amplifier for a more advanced experience. Suitable for those of you who are getting advanced and serious about playing acoustic guitar. You only spend a little to get the best acoustic guitar in India.

It is also available in black acoustic guitar.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

2. Yamaha JR1 Acoustic Guitar

The first best acoustic guitar brand is Yamaha, with the JR1 series. This guitar series has a small or mini size, so it is very easy to grip and carry anywhere.

In addition, the Yamaha brand is also very well known as a large company that produces various kinds of things, from vehicles to musical instruments.

For Yamaha acoustic guitars, the JR series has 3 types, namely the JR1, JR2, and JR2s series.

The specifications, it has a wooden guitar that has been Finished Ultra Thin. For color, this guitar only has one color variant. But the black acoustic guitar is more famous than other colors.

Cheap and well built, Yamaha’s best acoustic guitar with the JR 1 series proves that quality doesn’t always come at a premium. Given its compact size, this guitar is ideal for use by people who often travel while carrying an acoustic guitar. Like carrying a blue acoustic guitar when going for a walk or hiking.

If the sound quality is not in doubt because Yamaha has a qualified quality check for that. For the price, the best Yamaha JR 1 acoustic guitar is sold in the range of under 50,000

However, this guitar is highly recommended for those of you who just want to learn guitar or the best guitar for beginners.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

3. Fender CD60 CE Acoustic Guitar

The next best acoustic guitar is the Fender CD60 CE Acoustic Guitar. This guitar is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for a quality beginner guitar.

This guitar has a qualified tone quality when viewed from a physical and sound perspective.

Because this guitar is equipped with an onboard active preamp and a built-in tuner. The design has a dreadnought body with a single cutaway, making it very elegant. Due to its design, it is the best affordable acoustic guitar.

The color choices are also very beautiful, so it makes you confused to choose one.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

4Cort CEC 3 NS

Cort CEC 3 NS is the next best acoustic guitar brand recommended for beginners. Cort CEC 3 NS is also one of the best electric acoustic guitars, with prices under 50,000.

This acoustic guitar is made of mahogany, where the back features a 3-band EQ for tone flexibility and a built-in LED for comfort.

Moreover, it has the best acoustic string guitars.

So, this guitar is perfect for playing all kinds of music genres.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

5Ibanez AEG15II LG

Known for their strong sound even without an amplifier, the following best acoustic guitars seem to be highly recommended for beginners in India. Guitar with LG Ibanez AEG15II brand also has a thinner thickness than standard guitars in general.

Equipped with Fishman Sonicore pickup and Ibanez preamp, which can produce clear sound, making the resulting sound quality even more stable.

Made of cedar and mahogany, this guitar is also famous for being durable and sturdy.

This guitar is slimmer than standard guitars, resulting in a balanced acoustic sound with or without an amplifier.  It is also equipped with a Fishman Sonicore pickup and an Ibanez preamp that is capable of producing clear sound.  Best guitar For beginners in India who want to try showing their hard work in guitar practice on stage, this guitar is right for you.

There is no doubt about the durability of this best guitar because the surface of this guitar is made of cedar wood, while the back and sides are made of mahogany wood, making this guitar strong and sturdy. Rosewood guitars are also available with these features. This guitar looks more elegant with a natural low gloss finish on the guitar body.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

6Taylor Swift Baby Taylor Standard Acoustic Guitar

Being the most collected guitar product, the Taylor Swift Baby Taylor guitar is also one of the best acoustic guitars, especially for beginners in India.

As the name suggests, this guitar works with the world-famous singer, namely Taylor Swift.

Not only is the design cute and elegant, but this guitar also has Taylor Swift’s original signature. Where this guitar has a very graceful vine design print.

For its size, this acoustic guitar is slim with a size of 3/4 of the standard type, while the neck is 1 11/16 inches. So this guitar body is very suitable for all circles, both women, children, and beginners.

Taylor Guitars teamed up with Taylor Swift to produce Taylor Swift’s original signature acoustic guitar. On the surface of the guitar, there is a print with a vine pattern design, the three words “love”, and Taylor Swift’s signature which makes this guitar even more Taylor Swift’s character.

In keeping with the youthful style of Taylor Swift, this acoustic guitar is slim in design with a size of 3/4 of the standard type while the neck is 1 11/16 inches so this guitar is suitable for playing by all ages, be it women, children, and beginners. This guitar is highly recommended for those of you who want to learn to play guitar, especially since it is the best guitar for beginners in India.

That’s the recommendation of the best acoustic guitars at very pocket-friendly prices. No need to waste too much money to be the newest Santana candidate, all right?

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

7Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG200S

For those of you who like the sound of a guitar that is not too loud, the following best acoustic guitar is also highly recommended, namely the Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG200S.

With this guitar, you can practice quietly at any time, even at night, because you won’t disturb neighbors or other people.

Not only that, but you can also change the sound mode of this guitar into an electric acoustic guitar. You can connect this guitar to an amplifier, so you can adjust the sound as you wish.

Its vintage-inspired design also makes this guitar very different from other acoustic guitars.

When looking for a modern musical instrument, you might think of Yamaha products. The quality presented by Yamaha’s products does not need to be doubted. Like this product, the Silent Guitar SLG200S is a good acoustic guitar that is recommended for anyone who wants to practice guitar anytime, even at night.

Yamaha added a sound control feature via headphones or an amplifier on this guitar. Besides being able to adjust the volume, this Yamaha acoustic guitar can also be played in electric mode. The classic but still elegant design makes you look cool when playing it.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

8. Yamaha F310

The next best acoustic guitar is the Yamaha F310. Still bearing the most popular and quality guitar brand, this type of guitar is also the most recommended for beginners in India.

In fact, for a price under 50,000, you can already get this guitar.

The reason is that this guitar has a narrower fingerboard width, so for those of you who have short and small fingers, this guitar is perfect for you. As discussed earlier, the price of this guitar is also quite affordable.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

9. Cowboy Acoustic Folk Guitar GWC235NS

The recommendation for the best acoustic guitar that is no less quality and inexpensive is the Cowboy Acoustic Folk Guitar. Not only that but this acoustic guitar is also known to have stainless steel strings.

As for the material, this guitar is made of basswood, while the fingerboard, made of mahogany wooden guitar, is famous for being sturdy. So this guitar is also said to be very durable.

This product with the Cowboy name is the best durable steel string or folk best acoustic guitar with stainless steel strings. The body of this acoustic guitar is made of basswood, while the fingerboard is made of mahogany which is known to be sturdy. So, if you want the best acoustic guitar that lasts, this acoustic guitar price is perfect for you. The price of this acoustic guitar is sold in the market in the price range of under 50,000.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

10. Legend YH-36C

The best acoustic guitar that has good quality and is under 50,000 for beginners in India is the Legend YH-36C. Not only that, but this guitar also has a hook for a strap, which allows you to play while standing.

The design is simple and elegant, and also looks very charming. The price is also not too draining for the office, especially for beginner guitar players.

This guitar is especially suitable for beginners, and this best acoustic guitar brand is also suitable for women to wear. With a size that is not so wide, small, and at a very affordable acoustic price.

This acoustic guitar is the best according to the Acoustic Guitar Blog for the size and price of the best acoustic guitar under 50,000. The price range for one of the best acoustic guitars is very affordable.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

11. Yamaha APXT2 Acoustic Guitar

Still, you can bring a Yamaha APXT2 aural guitar, If you want to amp the night atmosphere while at the hostel. This aural acoustic guitar won’t take up important space in your private or public vehicle.

The reason is, that Yamaha acoustic guitar designed this stringed instrument with a compact size and slim body guitar.

The practical value on offer makes this the best guitar for trippers who want to play guitar wherever they are. This guitar can produce a distinctive natural sound through the amplifier thanks to the active preamp and ART-grounded volley system.

Not only that, but Yamaha acoustic also mentions that this product can produce a sharp sound through its mid-boost EQ and multicolored tuner.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

12. Cort SFX-ME-OP

No matter how good a player is, if it isn’t supported by the quality of good acoustic guitar, the performance will be bad. For that, we advise you to be smart in choosing the aural best guitar. Cort provides a selection of guitars that guarantee good sound quality.

This is realized through the use of mahogany wood on the sides and back and improved wood for the face.  The sturdy improved type not only makes this guitar durable, but it’s perfect for singing any kidney!

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

13. Yamaha C315 Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha C315 acoustic guitar is made of spruce and agathis wood which is sturdy but not heavy. The sound produced by the best acoustic guitar is also classified as high quality. Although intended for the beginner class, Yamaha still pays attention to sound quality.

Another advantage of the Yamaha C315 acoustic guitar is the nylon strings. Nylon rubber material which is relatively soft will minimize scratches on the fingers of beginners who are intensely learning acoustic guitar. This best acoustic guitar price in the market at a price under 50,000.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

14. Cole Clark Top Cyprus Acoustic Guitar

Cole Clark’s best acoustic guitar brand is from Melbourne, Australia. This acoustic guitar uses high-durability wood that can last a long time, namely Mahogany and Rosewood. This rosewood acoustic guitar makes people more passionate about their guitar.

Talking about the sound, this acoustic guitar is made with an integral neck technique which makes the sound more stable due to the union of the neck with the face/top of the guitar. Therefore the sound can propagate from the end of the neck to the end of the body guitar.

That’s what makes it stable. The price of the Cole Clark Top Cyprus acoustic guitar is not too expensive. Only with a range under 50,000, you can bring home this best acoustic guitar.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

15. Yamaha APX 500 II Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha APX 500II is one of the best acoustic guitars ever refined and is now the best-selling guitar in the world. This guitar is quite light with a slim body so it is highly recommended for beginners in India.

Regarding sound quality, you don’t need to doubt it anymore because the type of wood used for this acoustic guitar is made of spruce wood and nato wood which can produce a balanced and sharp sound resonance.

This Yamaha acoustic guitar is also equipped with an SRT pickup and preamp system that produces the best natural acoustic guitar sound with studio quality. The price range for this acoustic guitar is under 50,000.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

16. Cort EQ 7545R. Acoustic Guitar

The type of wood used on a guitar will determine the quality of the sound produced. This Cort electric acoustic guitar is an example of the perfect combination of the best acoustic guitars, because on the surface this guitar uses spruce wood, while the back and sides use mahogany.

Guitars that use spruce wood can suppress sound disturbances on the guitar more perfectly. This best acoustic guitar is sold at a market price under 50,000.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

17. Lakewood Electric Acoustic Guitar

Clear and thick. These two characteristics are heard from this one Lakewood guitar string. The combination of wood materials ranging from laminated wood on the body guitar, mahogany on the neck, and rosewood on the fingerboard can present a thick sound vibration. These types of wood are also known for their good durability.

Lakewood acoustic guitar is also included in top guitars

In addition, Lakewood uses a low string setting so that it is comfortable when played. These beautiful guitars are very easy to play. In every purchase of this guitar purchase package, usually, you will also get a soft case bag, capo, jack cable, D’addario spare strings, and a guitar pick. It is the best guitar for beginners in India under 50,000.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India

18. Loyalty Parlor Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is inspired by an old American guitarist, Ron Emory from the band True Sounds of Liberty. Fender creates small best guitars with Ron Emory’s favorite features.

This blue acoustic guitar has a classic parlor body shape with a sunburst finish that accentuates the vintage style of the 1930s. The semi-acoustic guitar is also very famous because of its body. 

The surface of this guitar uses price wood, while the back, neck, and sides use mahogany wood which produces a deep guitar sound making it suitable for playing punk or rock songs. For those of you who like punk or rock music, this best acoustic guitar is for you.

Best Guitar for Beginners In India
Best Guitar for Beginners In India


Tips and How to Choose a Good Acoustic Guitar for Beginners?

Although it looks simple, it turns out that the guitar instrument also has many variants, you know. For example, in a musical instrument played by picking, we recognize two types of variants, namely best acoustic-electric guitar, and acoustic guitar.

The acoustic variant is also divided into several types, according to the character of the sound and the type of music. Do you want to know the types of acoustic guitars that are currently sold in the market? Here are some of the variants.

1. For small people, choose a steel-string acoustic guitar

This is the type of acoustic guitar that is most widely used and owned by guitarists. The advantage of steel-string guitars is the large selection of models and prices. So you can adjust it to your taste and also the contents of your wallet it’s the best acoustic guitar for beginners under 50,000.

One of the characteristics of this guitar is its compact size and has a slim neck. This type of steel string is very suitable for playing music such as instrumental pop, classical music, or traditional music. String guitar is easy to play, in a wide range of acoustic guitars it is the best guitar under 50000.

This type of acoustic guitar is often called folk, which is also most often used by guitarists.

Not only that, but this guitar also has a compact size to a slim neck. Best acoustic guitar brands mostly recommend this type of guitar for beginners.

The acoustic guitar is not only played by men. Currently, many female musicians are proficient in strumming the guitar. If you are a girl who wants to learn to play acoustic guitar, we recommend you to use a steel-string acoustic guitar. This guitar, also known as folk, has a compact size.

The slimmer neck makes it comfortable to play and grip. This type of steel-string guitar will be right for people with small bodies because the body has a deeper curve. For females these are the best guitars  So, a steel-string acoustic guitar is more suitable for women, small people, or even children.

Overall, this guitar is the most comfortable and affordable acoustic guitar type of guitar to hold and is very suitable for people with small bodies to play, especially beginners.

For its sound characteristics, one of the best types of a good acoustic guitar has a smooth and sharp sound, with a fairly long frequency range. Yamaha acoustic guitar price is very good for beginners.

2. For a dynamic and characterful sound, use a standard acoustic guitar

Unlike the steel-string type, the standard type acoustic guitar has a body that is one and a half times thicker and also larger. For beginner guitarists, it may be a little difficult to play because it has a large size. But the standard type guitar has a higher sound volume.

In addition, the dynamics of the sound produced are also more pronounced, compared to the steel series. It is the best affordable acoustic guitar. The standard black acoustic guitar is perfect if you like playing rock music. In addition, the types of jazz and blues are also suitable to be played using this type of guitar.

This type of guitar is known for its distinctive shape and dynamic sound.

However, when compared to steel-string guitars, this standard type acoustic guitar is much larger and thicker.

If you look at the curve, it’s a bit different from the steel-string guitar. In terms of sound, this guitar has a stronger sharpness. Bass and voice intonation can also be combined dynamically. Blue acoustic guitar is very famous in this type of guitar.

Yamaha acoustic guitar price is under 50,000 so everyone who wants to play guitar and his pocket does not allow much to spend then this type is suitable for him.

The most striking difference between the steel-string type guitar and the standard type is its size. The size of a standard acoustic guitar is 1.5 times thicker so it weighs more when compared to the steel-string type. The added weight on this guitar is not simply due to the thicker material, but the sound chamber or soundboard has fewer deep grooves. This curved shape can produce a guitar sound that is more dynamic and characterized.

If you want to play up to a professional level, standard-type acoustic guitars can be counted on. You can play various genres of music with a standard acoustic guitar, ranging from rock, jazz, and blues, to rock-inspired songs. This is because the good acoustic guitar is specially designed to sharpen the bass and intonation dynamically.

With this guitar, you can play songs in rock, jazz, and blues genres. Because the characteristics of his voice are very suitable for this type of song. In top guitars, this type of guitar is more reliable for beginners. That beginners who want to buy an acoustic guitar on a low budget, this standard type guitar is the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners.

3. Bigger and clearer sound volume with electric acoustic guitar

This type of guitar is the same as the steel series or standard type. The difference is this guitar already has an electric pickup,  so it can be played using an additional amplifier. The model is also similar to acoustic and electric guitars because it has a slim neck and body guitar. This type of guitar is recommended for those of you who are just starting to learn to play the guitar.

This guitar under 50,000 is perfect for those of you who want to play live because it can be connected to an amplifier.

This guitar is the same as the type of steel-string acoustic guitar and also a standard acoustic guitar. The only difference is that this guitar can connect to an amplifier and other guitars can’t.

Even so, you can also turn your steel string guitar and standard guitar into your best acoustic-electric guitar.

Namely by installing a tool called a pickup. But you also have to be willing if later the guitar has a low-frequency tone and sound.

Is also available in wooden guitars.

Steel-string and standard acoustic guitars can be attached to an amplifier to create a bigger sound effect. The only way is to add a pickup or microphone to the main body. Yamaha acoustic electronic guitar is very popular in youth because of its attachment to amplifiers. 

However, if this guitar is not designed for electric-acoustic purposes, then when connected to an amplifier, there will be many shortcomings such as annoying feedback.

If you’re already good at playing the guitar and want to practice with a personal acoustic guitar, get an acoustic-electric guitar. This kind of guitar has been perfectly designed so that low-frequency sounds and annoying feedback effects don’t bother your ears. Thus, the sound created will remain clear and clear even though the volume is increased.

Top acoustic guitar brands modify amplifiers according to guitar settings.

4. Voice control or listen through headphones with silent guitar

For those of you who often play acoustic guitar at night, and don’t want other people to be disturbed because your guitar sound is quite large, the silent guitar is an alternative that you should buy an acoustic guitar.

This type of guitar has a socket that can be connected to headphones or earphones and an amplifier. You can buy an acoustic guitar in your range. So you can adjust the loudness/volume that comes out of the guitar. This is the best guitar under 50000 for those who don’t want to disturb anyone.

As the name suggests, this acoustic guitar has a sound controller that can be connected to an amplifier and headphones, so it won’t disturb the people around you when you want to practice. It is the best guitar for beginners in India.

This acoustic guitar under 50,000 is also highly recommended for those of you who want to play the guitar or practice without disturbing anyone, including practicing at night.

Its very cool and elegant shape also really gives a luxurious value, especially the sound it produces. This guitar price in India is less than 50,000.

Although rarely owned by people, this silent type of Yamaha acoustic guitar will be suitable for those of you who want to play guitar at night without disturbing family members or neighbors who are resting. Silent guitar, as the name implies is the best martin acoustic guitar that can be adjusted high and low.

This guitar is perfect for those of you who live in an apartment or rental house. Not only can you control the volume of the sound, but you can also attach headphones to the guitar’s body so that the sound doesn’t spread throughout the room.


Choose the best acoustic guitar that gives you comfort while playing. Especially for the practice process, look for a guitar that has a hook so you can hang it around your neck if you want to play good guitar while standing.

Also, consider other features of the guitar such as voice control if you’re going to practice at night without worrying about disturbing the people around you.


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