How do I convert a speaker into a subwoofer?

How do I convert a speaker into a subwoofer?
How do I convert a speaker into a subwoofer?

How do I convert a speaker into a subwoofer? A common question of the audiophiles. The cross-over of tweeters in a speaker can be removed, the bass unit attached with the subwoofer, the box built, additional resonant elements added, and the ports sealed.

Things To Know

The cross-over of tweeters can be removed, the holes can be covered, the base unit can be attached to the subwoofer, a box can be built, additional resonant elements can be added, and the ports can be sealed.

How do I Convert a Speaker into Subwoofer?

Add resonant elements using a higher-order filter to extend the low-frequency response. The deep stuff can be either another cone that isn’t driven or a hole in the box with a tube attached that uses the mass of the air in the line working together with the compliance of the box air.


If you want this filter to work, you have to choose the sizes carefully. With this type of speaker, you can have a higher cut-off point for the same efficiency or a lower cut-off point for the same efficiency, but it drops off faster below the cut-off point at 12dB per octave. Depending on the alignment, there is a chance that it sounds boomier than the sealed box.

There are resonant modes in the room, which can affect the bass performance you receive, and for excellent results, you must consider them.

What is a subwoofer?

As subwoofers focus on the lower frequencies, they provide a constant bass line for most media, and they can increase the volume of bass lines significantly in music.

Active subwoofers and passive subwoofers are two types of subwoofers.



How do I convert a speaker into a subwoofer?



Passive subwoofers do not have an amplifier built-in, and they consist of just the subwoofer driver and enclosure. Active subwoofers typically have the amplifier built-in, whereas passive subwoofers do not.

Home theater systems and clubs can benefit from subwoofers as they give a more realistic and engaging sound. Nevertheless, woofers are ideal for portable systems like car sound systems.

Remember (Keypoints)

Generally, woofers are more specialized subwoofers

Subwoofers have a frequency range of 20Hz to 200Hz, while woofers cover a range of   20Hz to 2 kHz.

Smaller woofers are generally used for stereo systems.

  1. Speaker explained

In contrast, it’s not much more than a loudspeaker. An electroacoustic transducer is what it is. An audio signal is converted into electrical signals by it.


How do I convert a speaker into a subwoofer?


Electric signals fluctuate in such a way that the device coincides with them. A source of water or air is used to generate the audio waves.

  1. Subwoofer explained

Loudspeaker or woofer, a subwoofer is a loudspeaker. Its primary function is to produce low-pitched sound waves. Bass is the more general term for this.

Subwoofers are generally encased in plastic or wood. It has a structure of a loudspeaker that contains many woofers.

The purpose determines its frequency. A suitable device has a frequency of less than 100 hertz, while some range between 20Hz and 200Hz. Also available on the market are subwoofers with frequencies below 80 Hz.

  1. Required tools 

Subwoofer amplifier:

You will need an amplifier to power the subwoofer. Usually, an amplifier has two channels; you use these channels to control the subwoofer.

Bluetooth USB:

A more accessible option is Bluetooth USB.

You will need a converter to change twelve volts into five volts. Using this converter, the power supply’s twelve volts are converted to five volts. Therefore, Bluetooth USB is powered by five volts, and you can buy it online.

The Bluetooth USB amplifier requires two twelve-volt DC adapters.

Toggle switches:

You will require two toggle switches.

You can create a fascinating effect by combing two different colors of wood. This will further enhance the aesthetics of your subwoofers. Dark brown and light brown, for example, can be combined. Black and gray shades can also be connected to make the room appear more dramatic.

Use a subwoofer to complement the bass unit.

The AV amplifier’s base unit needs to be connected to the jacks. The cabinet and its size determine the intensity of the bass.

For example, smaller boxes and smaller gadgets create more bass, while larger and bigger containers produce less bass.

Below the resonant point, there will be a drop of 6dB/octave in this condition. Speaker cone mass reacts with the compliance sum of the air spring and surrounds the spring to determine the resonance of the stereo.


How do I convert a speaker into a subwoofer?

The Speaker cone area reacts with the box volume to determine the stereo’s resonance. Filter dumping is controlled by motor strength. It can be calculated by multiplying the number of turns in the drive coil by the magnetic field strength.

However, it can happen that the bass will be less than the high frequencies if the magnet is more durable.

How to Build a Subwoofer Box

Once that’s done, you’ll need a special box. The size of the box should be determined by checking the specifications. The excellent bass response can only be received with a reflex system and a small package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use a woofer as a subwoofer?

Absolutely. In this case, a woofer is more appropriate. A subwoofer is an LFE installed in its box with its amplifier. Subwoofers generally have drivers designed for lower frequencies than typical woofers.

What is the difference between a subwoofer and a speaker?

Subwoofers consist of one or more woofers mounted in a wooden enclosure capable of withstanding air pressure without deforming. Passive subwoofers are powered by an external amplifier and have a subwoofer driver and section. Active subwoofers have an integrated amplifier.


I hope that I have helped clarify the difference between a subwoofer and a woofer and that this will simplify your choice. One speaker driver is contained within a speaker enclosure. To get the music or audio that suits your taste, you should choose an excellent quality woofer.

If you have any other queries about musical instruments you can visit our website where we would be helping you with your answers.




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