Worst 15 Piano Brands To Avoid in 2022 (Upright+Digital)

Piano Brands To Avoid
Piano Brands To Avoid


The piano is one of the most beloved musical instruments among the audiophiles around the world. To many tasteful people, the piano is a symbol of aristocracy. So they want to buy a piano. But they do not know what piano brands to avoid and what to choose.

Are you making a plan to buy a reliable piano? Do you think about making the environment of your home or room so peaceful and soul-attractive that your mind and soul can feel and absorb the beauty of that spiritual environment due to the stunning and peaceful piano sound? Then, before buying a piano, it is essential to know the good and bad pianos in the market so that your investment in this purpose can be fruitful.

You have read a lot about the best pianos on the internet. You have also read the pros and cons of the top pianos in today’s market. Many pianos have thousands of reviews about their sound, quality, and overall performance. But in this article, you will know the worst pianos you should avoid if you plan to buy a reliable and credible piano.

Here, we will discuss the Worst 15 piano brands to avoid so that your investment would not be ruined. We will discuss which upright piano brands as well as digital piano brands you should avoid buying. We will discuss their drawbacks, functional and structural cons, and their sound and quality ineffectiveness. So, let’s start to explore the piano brands that you should avoid.

Upright Piano Brands to avoid 2022

For more than a hundred years, upright piano brands have made their respected place in the world of pianos. They were first introduced in 1885, and after that, due to their low-cost charges and small space covering, they expanded and were accepted by many piano enthusiasts and lovers.

But there are still some upright piano brands that are needed to be avoided. If you have a plan to buy an upright piano, then you should have knowledge about which piano will not be good for you. Here, we are going to discuss the upright piano brands to avoid in 2022.


Daewoo started manufacturing pianos in 1976. Daewoo is a Korean brand that manufactures and exports pianos all around the world. According to the reviews and observations of most of its buyers and users, it has been observed that the Daewoo pianos were of low quality.

Most of the buyers reviewed that Daewoo didn’t give effective results according to their expectations. Most of the pianos, in their quality and performance, could not produce fruitful and effective results. In this way, most of the users and buyers who have bought Daewoo mostly have given unsatisfactory reviews about the Daewoo brand.

There are some quality issues and low-performance aspects that are associated with Daewoo that most of the buyers have observed and discussed. These issues and aspects are:

  • Most of the buyers believe that these pianos lack tunning stability. Due to this drawback of these pianos, the users have lost interest in these pianos.
  • It is also observed and seen that these pianos are manufactured and constructed with low-quality material.
  • Due to the poor seasoning of the wood, there is a risk of sticking keys in Daewoo pianos.
  • There is another problem associated with the Daewoo piano. Their parts are not available in some countries like the US and the UK due to their lack of supply and exports in these countries.


Wurlitzer is not a kind of piano that is considered the worst piano, but some reasons demand to avoid it from buying. Wurlitzer is an upright piano brand. Between the 1950-the 80s, some high-quality electric upright pianos were manufactured by Wurlitzer, but after that, Wurlitzer lost its quality.

There are some defects and drawbacks to the Wurlitzer piano that cause most buyers to avoid it. These defects, issues, and drawbacks are:

  • Wurlitzer pianos are called economy pianos because they are not designed and manufactured for professional piano experts and musicians.
  • Most of the Wurlitzer pianos are of mediocre quality. Some buyers observe that playing piano like this does not give the ultimate satisfaction which most piano musicians are usually looking for.
  • This piano is known as a cheap piano. The piano tune of this cheapest piano does not produce effective and satisfactory results.
  • Another drawback of this piano that most people usually say about is its poor sound quality. The quality piano songs have poor sound quality.
  • If the player is advanced or a piano professional and has played the best quality piano before, he will not consider it the best upright piano due to its poor sound quality.
  • If you are learning piano, you should still avoid it because practicing is not so enjoyable for learning piano songs for the people who are beginners.
  • Some people consider this piano as a toy piano because of not produce satisfying results. So, you should be aware while buying a piano like this.
Piano Brands To Avoid
Piano Brands To Avoid


Samick is one of those upright piano brands that is advised to avoid. The people who are learning piano play like and recommend this piano to the others. But, this piano is not one of those best upright piano brands that can be recommended to professionals and expert musicians. If you have a plan to learn piano playing, then it can be your initial option to learn piano, but when you become an expert, you have to avoid and ignore it.

There are some reasons that make this piano not an effective and best upright piano. Some of these reasons are:

  • This piano is a very cheap piano, and most people use it only for casual use. Most people think that the lower quality of this piano is due to its low price.
  • Its sound looks good to beginners, but when they become piano experts and professionals, they consider that the piano sound is not good and effective.
  • Samick does not have an effective key action and tone, and its padels are of low quality. That is why it could not become one of the best electric piano brands.

Kranich & Bach

Some people prefer Kranich and Bach piano because it is one of the oldest pianos on the market, and they think that this old piano can fulfill their requirements. But according to the reviews of the buyers, these pianos are not called the best upright piano. Many technical and manufacturing issues are associated with this piano.

This company manufactured various models of grand pianos from 1864 to 1985. This company ended the making of pianos in 1985. Therefore, the pianos that are available in the market are much old and used pianos. You can only get the pianos from the market that will be more than 40 years old. Hence, it is advised by many people that this piano should be avoided from buying if you are looking for a good and reliable piano.

There are some reasons that most people consider avoiding the Kranich and Bach piano. These reasons are:

  • These pianos are too old. That is why most of these pianos are present at this time in very inferior quality.
  • Pianos technicians and experts consider these pianos as “nightmares” because their keyframes are oddly designed. This is an old upright keyboard piano. At this time, there are some good keyboard piano brands that have elevated the quality and choice of pianos.
  • Kranich & Bach’s pianos are of mediocre quality. That is why they are weak and flimsy. These pianos are known as aged pianos at this time, so their manufacturing quality is not so good.
  • Most of these pianos that are circulating in the market are of old versions and quality. Their parts are not available in the market not it is possible to do suitable maintenance on these old pianos. That is why this piano needs to be avoided.


According to some reviewers and buyers, Marantz is considered one of the worst piano companies. This company started making audio products in 1953. Most of the buyers believe that the piano products that are manufactured by this company are not good and high-quality.

Marantz is not a company that has expertise in manufacturing piano products. There are many quality defects associated with this piano. If you are a professional and looking for a quality piano, then you should avoid buying this piano.

The reasons for which this piano is considered to be avoided are as follows:

  • This piano’s sound and construction quality are inferior, and it cannot be recommended to professional musicians and piano experts.
  • If you are looking for a piano that is friendly to play, then Marantz cannot be your best option. You cannot get sufficient quality sounds as you usually feel and get from the best quality pianos.
  • Some people think that this piano is manufactured and constructed with poor and defective material.
  • The Marantz manufactured these pianos in the factory in which they built and constructed stereo speakers. That is why this brand could not produce reliable pianos. Therefore, the quality of this piano is compromised due to poor manufacturing iron and construction.


Lindner is also known as an upright piano brand that most people choose to avoid buying. There is some genuine reason behind this purpose. Best piano keyboards are the essential requirements for any piano, but these upright pianos have lost these qualities. If you are looking for the best keyboard piano brands, then Lindner cannot be your best option.

Before buying any piano, it is essential to analyze and check the quality of the piano by its different aspects. If you are buying Casio upright piano or Casio digital piano, or any other piano, you should have sufficient knowledge about the brands that sell these pianos.

As far as Lindner is concerned, there are many reasons that make this brand an option that should be ignored and rejected. These reasons are:

  • The action and keys of this piano have been made with the material plastic. Due to plastic, the keys break out sometimes. Therefore, due to these plastic keys, this brand could not become the best upright keyboard piano.
  • The company tried to produce lighter pianos that most people can use easily, and they can be moved easily from one place of the house to another, but it has compromised the piano quality.
  • The replacement parts for this piano are also not available on the market. That is why it could not become the best electric piano brand.
  • Most of the Lindner pianos have ended up from the market, and this brand has become unknown in the modern markets. Only some old pianos are seen in some old places and houses.

Digital Piano Brands to avoid

As there are some upright piano brands that are required to avoid, same there are some digital piano brands required to be avoided from buying. However, there are many best digital piano brands that are required to be chosen due to their awesome quality and performance.

Now, we will discuss the digital piano brands to avoid in 2022. We will discuss the drawbacks and defective aspects of some digital pianos that are sufficient for this reason to avoid them. Now, we will discuss each of them briefly.


Tim Praskins describes this piano as “piano-shaped objects.” When people see this piano for the first time, they consider this piano is a decent piano that has good and impressive qualities. There are also some extra features in it, like 150 instruments, an impressive stereo-sound system, a nice-looking LCD screen, and advanced options for MIDI connections.

But these all features seem useless when you observe the piano by playing it. There are many features that this brand has shown to its buyers, but when you play this piano, you realize that all instruments and features do not add any impressive and effective value to the piano.

Why do most people think that this brand should be avoided from buying? Here, we will discuss the reasons because of people have to avoid this piano.

  • This piano does not have a better playing experience. Piano playing for beginners is an aspect that some people consider while buying this piano for them or their relatives, but this piano is not a good option for the people who are learning piano.
  • The Williams pianos are somehow cheap in price, but what they offer doest concurrent with the actual price and performance of the piano.
  • Another problem with this piano is that it has poor key action. The action of these keys is poor and ineffective. If you are a beginner, then you should have to take care of the keys while pressing them because it is a risk of their breaking out.
  • This piano is not from one of the best keyboard piano brands. Because the keys of this piano are not so effective and resolute, so, in case of any unusual situation, you can lose them by mere hard pressing.
  • The keys of this piano also produce a lot of noise. You have to make the volume of the piano to maximum levels to avoid the noise of keys.
  • There is also an imbalance sound situation in the keys. Some keys produce soft and low sounds, while some other keys produce a hard and loud sound. This is also a reason which people have to avoid it.


In the world of digital piano, Artesia is known as one of the worst pianos in the market. There are some qualities in a piano that gives authenticity and value to that piano, and those qualities cannot be compromised at any cost. But unfortunately, this piano lacks those essential qualities.

Some good piano keyboard brands are the brands that are valued themselves by providing their customer with the best keyboard functionality. This brand is avoided by most people due to its poor key action.

We need to discuss some important reasons for which this piano brand is needed to be avoided if you are looking forward to a professional and user-friendly piano. These reasons are:

  • The worst thing about Artesia is that, like all other low-quality piano brands, it has poor key action.
  • The keys of this Artesia are very rigid, that is why it is impossible to press them smoothly and easily. Therefore, it reduces the experience of playing a high-quality piano in the piano player.
  • Another bad aspect of this piano is that the sound in this piano is inconsistent, and some keys do not produce the same sound that is produced generally in all other pianos.
  • The sound of this piano is low-quality and out of tune. The piano sound creates an essential role in accepting or rejecting any piano brand. In this piano, the piano tune and sound are both of ow-quality.


Suzuki is a brand that has created an essential role in the automotive industry. But many people believe that this company has not been successful in creating reliable pianos. Therefore, it is suggested by some people that you must think before purchasing the Suzuki pianos.

Some pianos technicians and experts say that there are some reasons for which the Suzuki pianos should be avoided from buying. Here, we will discuss those reasons.

  • It is observed and analyzed that the Suzuki piano has poor movement of the weighted key action. In acoustic pianos, they have weighted keys, and these keys help to produce the required softer or brighter sound according to the pressure. Suzuki pianos do not respond well when we press the keys with our finger pressure.
  • When we press the keys even in a lighter way, they produce sound in an unnatural way. This aspect of this piano reduces its realism.
  • The poor key action creates a problem for beginners who try to learn dynamic control while playing the piano. There are some best piano keyboard brands for beginners who help beginners to get control of the keyboard.
  • There is another reason to avoid this piano that the piano sound is quite unrealistic and artificial. When you play the piano, you do not get the actual feeling that is felt while playing any good piano.


Gewa is a Germany-based brand. The Gewa has expertise in making and manufacturing musical instruments and accessories. But Gewa could not impress piano enthusiasts and professionals due to their poor quality.

Some reasons for which this piano should be avoided are:

  • It is observed in these pianos that because of the odd engineering of speaker projection in these pianos, the sound doesn’t come from the cabinet the way it should become. In this way, the sound coming from the piano seems unreal and artificial.
  • When you play the Gewa with stereo headphones, the volume of the piano is low even when you play this piano at the maximum sound level.
  • In these pianos, there is inconsistent volume and sound between the keys. Pressing some keys does not produce the same sound level when we press the other keys.

Therefore, this piano brand is also considered to be avoided.

Pearl River

Pearl River is also known as a brand that should be avoided from buying. The reputation of this piano is also not good in the market as some other low-quality pianos.

This piano, like some other low-quality pianos, could not get the attention of the piano musicians and professionals. Casio upright piano and some best digital upright pianos have always overshadowed these types of pianos.

The reasons for which these pianos need to avoid are:

  • A lot of maintenance and repairs are required for this piano. Sometimes, you have to do its maintenance even after a single use.
  • Pearl River is somewhat costly and expensive as compared to some other good piano brands.
  • These pianos are made with cheap and ineffective materials.

Steinbach is a piano that is advised to be avoided due to its low quality. This piano could not get any special attention from piano buyers and professionals. That is why it was avoided for the following reasons.

  • This piano does not fulfill its performance according to its price.
  • Its overall performance is poor and ineffective.
  • Its sound seems dull, rigid, and unnatural while playing.
  • It cannot be used for professional purposes.
Young Chang

Young Chang is those pianos that are not so bad and low-quality, but they are still considered to be avoided. There are some issues associated with these pianos. That is why many piano buyers avoid buying these pianos.

The sound quality of this piano is not good as compared to other pianos. The price at which you can buy this piano is a price at which you can easily buy any high-quality piano. If you buy this piano, you will have to compromise the sound quality. There are also some other reasons that remain in concern while buying this piano.

  • It is an expensive piano as compared to many other high-quality pianos.
  • Its sound is pretty dull as compared to other pianos. The sound is an essential matter for buying a piano, but unfortunately, it has not a good sound.
  • Its keys are stiff, and it isn’t easy to learn piano on these keys.
  • The material of this piano is not good and long-lasting. You require consistent and regular base maintenance for this piano to use it.
Mason Risch

This is the brand that is included in the list of the low-quality brands in the market. There are many negative aspects of this brand that cause buyers to avoid it. That is why it is one of those piano brands to avoid.

To arrange are best digital or upright digital piano, you should have knowledge about the different aspects of that brand. There are some pros and cons to every piano, but some pianos are so low-quality that is why we have to avoid them. Mason Risch is also one of them.

These are the reasons for which it is included in the piano brands to avoid and ignore.

  • It does not have good sound quality. So, we have to compromise the sound quality in buying this piano.
  • Its structure and manufacturing are also inferior and of low quality.
  • It is somewhat costly as compared to other pianos.
Kurzweil KA90

Kurzweil is not a terrible brand that must be avoided in every case, but it is also a fact that there are also some drawbacks associated with this brand that causes buyers to avoid it.

There are some reasons that include this piano in the list of pianos to avoid.

  • The keys are heavier, and it is difficult to press them easily.
  • When we play chords, one note is usually louder than the other nodes.
  • The sound quality of this piano is also not good and seems artificial while listening.

In this article, we have discussed 15 piano brands to avoid in a detailed manner. We discussed upright and digital piano brands required to avoid in 2022. We hope that this article will be helpful for you to avoid low-quality piano brands and get high-quality piano brands so that you can enjoy a better piano experience




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